Our sauces have been designed as a table condiment, but they are very versatile, and here are some tips and tricks.


Take a quarter cup of any of the sauces and blend with half a cup plain yoghurt and half a cup of mayonnaise, and you have an excellent dip.


To make a good chicken marinade, use the Rhino to taste. Two cups of lemonade. One tin chopped Italian tomatoes. One stock cube. Three tablespoons of chopped garlic. Half a cup grape vinegar. Half a cup vegetable oil. Salt and pepper. Mix well and soak your chicken overnight in the fridge. If the chicken is destined for the barbeque, there are two methods to follow. If your chicken is on the bone (whole, thighs, wings or drumsticks) put your marinade and chicken on the stove and bring to the boil. Remove the meat and reduce the marinade until it is thick. Use it as a basting sauce while completing cooking your chicken on the barbie.

For red meat, use the above recipe but replace the lemonade with Cola, and the Rhino with the Elephant. Add more chilli if you want to up the heat.


When barbecuing, the Elephant and Rhino make excellent basting sauces. Blend a combination of sauce with an equal amount each of vegetable oil and wine. Use a white wine with the Rhino, and use as basting for chicken or pork. Use a good red wine with the Elephant and use on red meat. Baste every time you move the meat on the grill, and don’t forget to season with salt and pepper.


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