We have five different flavours for you to enjoy. All our sauces are pasteurised, contain no preservatives or aritificial coulours.

The Elephant is a hot sauce, flavoured with Habanero chillies and Paprika. This is a great combination for red meat, pasta or anything cheezy. A must for someone who likes a little heat.

The Rhino is a medium spicy sauce, made from Lemons and Thai chillies. A great way to spice up chicken or fish.

The Leopard is a sauce that is made for pizza, or anything else that features cheese. The flavour profile is Cumin, Onion and Celery.

The Lion is a perfect match for red meats. The roasted garlic with black pepper is a perfect match for red meat.

The Buffalo is the type of sauce that you would pour over french fries, roast potatoes or use as a salad dressing. The salty herb flavour works well with potatoes and vegetables.

The five bottle pack is a wonderful selection of each, and makes a great gift or keepsake.

The twin bottle pack is a great way to get your two favourites in one handy pack. This also makes a handy gift that is easy to carry.

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